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Take a glimps into the past and explore sunken ships around Krk or the diverse underwaterworld of the sea. 

"Uhhh, thank you so much ♥️ it was a really great experience! See you again soon :))" - Lucia (CH), AOWD 

"Very nice team! I like how much attention they pay to safety. Denis is a true professional, that's why I come here since I'm twelve" - Guus (NL), Master Diver

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Experience unforgettable diving adventures with us! Our experienced team is available to guide you safely through every stage of your adventure. Explore the fascinating underwater world with us. Simply contact us through our contact form if you have questions or want to book. We can't wait to dive with you soon!


At Night

The darkness doesn't stop us from exploring the wonders of the sea! Armed with flashlights, we descend into the depths. Nocturnal creatures and a mystical atmosphere await you.

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